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YSM 042: Jena Rodriguez | Bankrupt and Stressed to Brave Success

In this episode, Jena Rodriguez talks about being bankrupt and stressed after finding herself deep in debt to the tune of $700K!  She was a successful corporate woman turned business owner. Leaving the security of a J.O.B. to follow her

YSM 034: Dana Zarcone | What the Hell are You Thinking?

What the hell are you thinking?!  In this episode, I am flyin’ solo and I share some revolutionary findings that prove that “as you thinketh, so shall you be”!  This isn’t just some loose theory. It’s no longer some new-age

YSM 024: David Sandercott | Seriously Suicidal to Spiritually Enlightened

Listen to my guest, David Sandercott, as he talks about being in a deep depression and wanting to end it all by suicide. Hear about the demons he had to face, his fantasies of killing himself with bleach, and the

YSM 019: Dana Zarcone | Living in Psychological Quicksand

In this episode, I talk about living in psychological quicksand, how this negatively impacts your life and the 3 promises you need to make to yourself to get out of quicksand and start living your life again. Are you stuck

YSM 015: Bonus Episode | 4 Reasons Why Resolutions Will Keep You Stuck

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In this episode, I talk about New Year’s resolutions and the 4 reasons why resolutions simply don’t work. We all have good intentions when we make resolutions. We face the new year with a clean slate, wanting to make drastic

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