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YSM 049: Susan Bock | Total Coward to Confident and Courageous

Susan Bock

In this episode, Susan Bock exposes her underbelly and talks about her struggles with low self-esteem and clinical depression which began at a very early age.  Depression wasn’t something that was really ever talked about much less ever treated. As

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YSM 048: Samuel Nazer Walsh | Deep Grief to Immense Gratitude

Samuel Nazer Walsh

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, then this episode is one you don’t want to miss!  Samuel Nazer Walsh talks with me about losing his best friend – who also happens to be his father. Overwhelmed with grief

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YSM 047: Lorraine Tilbury | Emotionally Abused to Happily Amused

Lorraine Tilbury

Join Lorraine Tilbury as she talks with me about growing up in an emotionally abusive relationship and the impact it had on her life. In this episode, Lorraine shares some of her experiences of being emotionally abused by her mother

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YSM 046: Joan Hughes | Losing Everything to Being Better than Ever

Joan Hughes

Joan Hughes doesn’t hold back when she talks about her financial struggles that ultimately resulted in her losing everything – including the dream house she built with her husband and her life savings.  She talks about being financially fortunate most

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YSM 045: Stephanie McPhail | Honeymoon Horror to Happily Ever After

stephanie mcphail

Wow! In this episode, Stephanie McPhail lays it all out on the line! She talks about multiple abusive relationships and what it was like being stocked and becoming the victim of attempted murder. She is so open about her experience,

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