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YSM 053: 100% Dana Zarcone | My ‘Me Too’ Story

Dana Zarcone

In this episode, its just me – Dana Zarcone – and I get raw,  real and emotional as I tell you some secrets. Things that I have never said publicly before but can no longer be left unsaid. And I hope that

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YSM 052: Camille Roman | Cancer Victim to Cancer Survivor

Camille Roman

In this episode, Camille Roman talks about getting the devastating news that she has breast cancer.  She talks about the challenge of having to grapple with the reality of what lies ahead.  Camille talks about praying to God asking ‘what do

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YSM 051: Yael Sunshine | Resistant to Persistent

In this episode, Yael Sunshine talks about her struggle being  parent of two children that were addicted to drugs and how ashamed and helpless she felt.  She explains the bind she was in because on one hand she was an enabler,

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YSM 050: Kate Holt | Fear of Abandonment to Falling in Love

In this episode, Kate Holt talks about having two failed marriages and the real struggle she had getting divorced the second time.  She talks about how her fear of abandonment played a roll in trying to desperately hold on to

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YSM 049: Susan Bock | Total Coward to Confident and Courageous

Susan Bock

In this episode, Susan Bock exposes her underbelly and talks about her struggles with low self-esteem and clinical depression which began at a very early age.  Depression wasn’t something that was really ever talked about much less ever treated. As

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