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YSM 020: Pat Iyer | Flat Broke and Facing Bankruptcy Twice

facing bankruptcyIn this episode, Pat Iyer talks about chasing her dream, becoming flat broke, and facing bankruptcy twice! All of this in the midst of expecting their second child. Hear what she had to do to turn it all around despite getting a visit from the “Repo Man”.

Pat fights back in order to do what’s right for her family and her career. Hear what she had to do to change the trajectory of her future and that of her families. She shares what kept her going even in the fear of losing it all.

If you’re facing financial difficulties or you just feel like life’s got the better of you, then you need to listen to this podcast!  Pat is a real inspiration!

How to Make a Big Shift in Your Life

“When you’re faced with challenges, they will make you stronger in the long run. You have to be a survivor because if you curl up in a ball and suck your thumb and pretend it isn’t happening, you won’t get through it.”

When you're faced with challenges, they will make you stronger in the long run. Click To Tweet

How to Connect

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Who’s Pat

Pat Iyer is a nurse who built a career in legal nurse consulting. Her company was one of the four out of 100 companies that have more than a million dollars a year in sales. She successfully sold the company in 2015 and now works with people who want to write nonfiction books. Pat is an editor and ghostwriter who has written or edited over 35 books and over 800 chapters, online courses, case studies, or articles, plus hundreds of blog posts.

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