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Sharing steps, tools and techniques you can use as your embark on your journey towards personal transformation and wholeness.

YSM 044: Bevan Bird | Living in Disparity to Life with Clarity

In this episode, Bevan Bird talks about a huge wake up call ending up $20,000 in debt and getting evicted. He talks about the soul searching he had to do to find his life purpose. He takes us on his

YSM 040: Miche Meizner | Gender Confusion to Energetic Fusion

Gender confusion is a common issue not only in the states but across the globe. Tune into this episode and hear first hand what it’s like to feel like you’ve been born in the wrong body. Miché gets raw and real

YSM 037: Joshua Bloom | Overcoming Severe Panic Attacks

Joshua had debilitating feelings that consumed him. He thought he’d just “get over it” or it would just eventually go away. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Tune in to find out more about his journey of self-discovery and healing.   Joshua talks to us about

YSM 025: Amy Cannatta | Domestic Abuse Victim to Personal Victor

Hear how Dr. Amy Cannatta found tremendous strength in order to leave an abusive relationship, flee to a shelter and start over.  Listen in as she talks about changing the trajectory of her life through resilience, drive and determination and how

Exercises to Overcome Depression

Did you know that there are exercises to overcome depression? In fact, there are a ton of natural ways to beat the blues!  You don’t need to fill up your medicine cabinet to be happy again!  In fact, in most

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