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YSM 044: Bevan Bird | Living in Disparity to Life with Clarity

In this episode, Bevan Bird talks about a huge wake up call ending up $20,000 in debt and getting evicted. He talks about the soul searching he had to do to find his life purpose. He takes us on his

YSM 037: Joshua Bloom | Overcoming Severe Panic Attacks

Joshua had debilitating feelings that consumed him. He thought he’d just “get over it” or it would just eventually go away. Unfortunately, it didn’t. Tune in to find out more about his journey of self-discovery and healing.   Joshua talks to us about

YSM 021: Jivi Saran | Unfulfilled at the Peak of Her Career

Listen in and learn why Jivi Saran was at the peak of her extremely successful career but she was not feeling fulfilled at all! Hear about her struggle with guilt, shame and confusion as she faced her fear of the

You Are a Diamond in the Rough

For the most part, I think you would you agree that nobody in the Universe is just like you. That you are, indeed, 100% unique and one of a kind. What a crazy thing to think about, isn’t it? That

Spiritual Healing: The First Level of Healing

A couple of days ago, I talked about the four (4) levels of healing – spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. To grow and develop a deeper level of consciousness, it is important to work on all levels of healing. Today,

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