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YSM 029: Judith Richey | Miserably Ashamed to Masterfully Amazing

  Tune in to hear Judith Richey’s story about the divorce that shocked her, being stuck in a career that she hated, and suffering with shame and anxiety. She talks with us about resisting trips into town for fear of

YSM 025: Amy Cannatta | Domestic Abuse Victim to Personal Victor

Hear how Dr. Amy Cannatta found tremendous strength in order to leave an abusive relationship, flee to a shelter and start over.  Listen in as she talks about changing the trajectory of her life through resilience, drive and determination and how

Do You Bite Your Tongue?

Do you have something to say but bite your tongue instead? Throughout your day, your relationships and experiences, you can get provoked.  We all can! But do you say anything when this happens? By not saying anything, you think you’re doing the right

The Emotional Impact of Abuse – A Poem

The emotional impact of abuse is undeniable. Abuse comes in all forms – emotional, mental and physical and not one kind is worse than the other. All forms strip the victim of all of their dignity. When I got my

5 Steps to Experiencing Real Love

Love is known as the greatest power in the Universe. When you have love in your life, you’re safe, secure, and confident. Without it you’re worthless, lonely and fearful. In order to bring love into your life, you need to

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