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YSM 030: Dana Zarcone | 4 Personality Types that Keep You Stuck

If we’re here on earth to learn, and we have this built-in desire to learn, then why do we resist learning so much? What is it about our personalities that causes us to defend against any new knowledge much less

YSM 028: Elena Estanol | Accomplished Dancer to the Fear of Losing Her Leg

Join Dr. Elena Estanol as she talks about her struggle with a severe eating disorder and facing the potential amputation of both legs.  Hear about her 3 year struggle fighting a physical, mental and emotional battle to get her life back on track.

YSM 021: Jivi Saran | Unfulfilled at the Peak of Her Career

Listen in and learn why Jivi Saran was at the peak of her extremely successful career but she was not feeling fulfilled at all! Hear about her struggle with guilt, shame and confusion as she faced her fear of the

YSM 016: Heather Andrews | Hitting Rock Bottom as a Military Wife

Join Heather as she shares her story of trying to keep it all together while her husband was deployed overseas, but eventually hitting rock bottom.  She became stressed, burned out and seriously depressed, yet she couldn’t ask for help because she

YSM 012: Dana Pharant | Leaving a Cult and Becoming a Dominatrix

In this episode, Dana Pharant talks about growing up in a cult and how becoming a dominatrix helped her heal from abuse and reclaim her personal power. Show Highlights Join Dana as she talks about what it was like to grow

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