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YSM 052: Camille Roman | Cancer Victim to Cancer Survivor

In this episode, Camille Roman talks about getting the devastating news that she has breast cancer.  She talks about the challenge of having to grapple with the reality of what lies ahead.  Camille talks about praying to God asking ‘what do

YSM 032: Isabel Hundt | Is Being an Empath a Blessing or a Curse?

In this episode, I talk with Isabel Hundt as she describes her painful journey of self discovery being an empath. She talks about being “different” than everyone else so she became withdrawn, shy and seriously depressed.   Hear about her

YSM 012: Dana Pharant | Leaving a Cult and Becoming a Dominatrix

In this episode, Dana Pharant talks about growing up in a cult and how becoming a dominatrix helped her heal from abuse and reclaim her personal power. Show Highlights Join Dana as she talks about what it was like to grow

Exercises to Overcome Depression

Did you know that there are exercises to overcome depression? In fact, there are a ton of natural ways to beat the blues!  You don’t need to fill up your medicine cabinet to be happy again!  In fact, in most

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