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YSM 043: Tonya Dawn Recla | Raped and Powerless to Super Powerful

In this episode, I talk with Tonya Dawn Recla about her experience being raped, not once but twice and why she dared the world to do it again!  She talks about the first time where e she reacts in an

YSM 039: 100% Dana | How to be Genuinely Happy

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In this episode, I’m flying solo answering a question that people ask me all the time – how to be genuinely happy.  Have you ever asked yourself this question?  If so, you’re not alone. In fact, this question is so

YSM 031: Dana Zarcone | 9 Most Common Depression Myths

Tune in and learn the 9 most common depression myths. Do you really understand what depression is?  More importantly, do you understand what it IS NOT?  Over 30% of you reading this right now are suffering with depression. Yet, 70%

YSM 027: Dana Zarcone | The #1 Reason You May Never Be Happy

In this episode I talk about the #1 reason you may never find true happiness. It’s sad but true. However, if you learn about this one reason, you can turn it all around and live a life you only dared

YSM 026: Julie Latz | Binge Eating Breakthrough

Join Amy Latz as she talks about a 45 year struggle with binge eating, the demons she had to face and what she had to do to become healthy and happy again. Hear about her revolutionary approach that got her

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