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YSM 008: Dr. Klara Gubacs | Facing the Scariest Moment in Her Life

Klara GubacsIn this episode, Dr. Klara Gubacs talks about facing one of the scariest moments in her life.

Who’s Klara

Otherwise known as “Dr.G” Klara has twenty-five years of teaching, speaking, and real-life mentoring experience. Her view is radically different than most as she believes that a winning mindset is a sense of quiet confidence resulting from the combination of optimal physical, mental and emotional skills.

Her expertise stems from years of studies and multiple championships in a variety of sports. Dr. Gubacs-Collins teaches a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional skills for her clients to bring them from contender to champion in sports, business and life.

Show Highlights

Join Dr. G as she talks about encountering her “perfect storm” causing her world to collapse around her. We talk about facing one of the scariest moments in her life and the huge revelation that lead to her recovery and, ultimately, her success.

Dr. G shares her struggle with depression, why she wouldn’t admit she was struggling with it – even to herself – and how her pride at the time kept her stuck.

She talks about how her need for perfection almost ruined her life, why therapy made her worse off than she was before and how Jack Canfield helped her recover from rock bottom.

How to Make That Big Shift in Life

If you need help, admit it then reach out and get the help and support you need. Know that asking for help doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Find somebody that can help and support you everystep of the way. You don’t have to do it alone.

Links and Resources Mentioned in Episode

The Winning Mind Institute  |

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