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YSM 006: Kate Gardner | A Huge Success after Being Abuse and Held Hostage

kate gardner

Kate Gardner is a 17 x International Best-Selling Author and Editor of The Missing Piece Magazine and Publisher of the International Best-Selling Book Series – The Missing Piece.

As a coach Kate helps raise her client’s self-esteem and self-confidence through providing tools and platforms to help present themselves professionally to their audience that enables them to gain the attention and sales they deserve.

Over the last 3 years Kate has helped nearly 200 authors becoming best-selling authors by teaching them how to make their books a best seller, and had the honor of working with TV personalities and award winning film directors.

Show Highlights

Join Kate as she talks about experience lin an abusive relationship, being held hostage and becoming paralyzed after a brutal attack.

Kate lets it all hang out and spares no details as she talks about becoming the hero of her story after overcomiKng tremendous, life threatening challenges.

Kate inspires others by sharing her story of transforming from the victim she was to the amazing leader she’s become!

What spark did she find inside her that enabled her to make a huge shift in her life?

How to Make That Big Shift in Life

Ask for guidance, hire a coach … someone who can guide you through. Don’t be embarrassed,just reach out. You need a coach to better yourself which, in turn will give you a better life. That’s all! If you’re done with your shit, reach out, get the help you need and make shift happen!

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