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As a high achieving woman, you roll up our sleeves and give your all to building a successful career, embracing the “super mom” persona, being the attentive, loving partner and supportive best friend. You put everyone’s needs before your own … they’re your priority. You’ve given all your energy to everyone else leaving none for yourself.

At the end of the day, you’re exhausted, defeated and stressed out. You feel “needy” but you’re too tough and too strong to admit it … even to yourself. Perhaps you’re just in a funk? As accomplished and capable as you are, you’ll eventually snap out of it, right? The big question is, how long will it take?! Or better yet, how long are you willing to wait?!

Stop Settling for a Life that Doesn’t Excite You!

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As a high achieving woman just like you. I spent 24 year climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. For 24 years, I busted my butt so I could have the “finer things in life” – the nice car, big house, a yacht, travel, busy social life, and a big, happy family. Yes ma’am! After all that blood, sweat and tears (and, yes, there were many tears!) I was successful but … it came with a price! A big, big price!

I was living my life on auto-pilot and, with each passing day, I was becoming more disconnected. I started to numb out. I felt stuck, drained and plain ol’ bored with my life. You see, while going after my successful “dream life” I lost myself somewhere along the way. I wasn’t passionate about my life. I wasn’t happy – I mean REALLY happy anymore.

Bottom line … I lost my mojo!

In my heart, I knew the corporate world was not my calling. I knew I had so much more to give to the world! I had a yearning to figure out what that was. So, I embarked on my seven year journey of self-discovery connecting with my truth. I became aligned with who I am, why I’m here and who I am supposed to serve. I am meant to serve YOU!

YOU – the success driven woman that sacrifices herself along the way. YOU – the woman who presents a false self to the world, hoping that no one sees the pain and suffering of unhealed wounds lingering under the surface. YOU – the woman who suffers in silence because women “like you” don’t fail, struggle, or get depressed. YOU – the woman who strives for the best but yearns for something deeper and more meaningful.

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I am here to serve you. I am here to help you heal. To help you align with your divine self and connect with your life’s true meaning and purpose. Click here to learn more about my story.

I Am Here to Help You Source Your Joy and Dance with Life Again!